Here’s What I Know About Wedding Lightroom Preset

  • Being a wedding photographer is not easy, especially when the couple asked you to make everything possible.
  • How to be the best wedding photographer?
  • Here’s What I Know About Wedding Lightroom Preset

Basically, being a wedding photographer is not easy, especially when the couple asked you to make everything possible. You are required to think of the most unique and special ideas to make the wedding ceremony memorable. So once they hire you, it also means they put their 100 percent trust in you.

Wedding photographers don’t just prepare for the wedding event itself. They are also busy doing other wedding stuff such as the Wedding photography DVD and album, same day video presentation and more.


So, how to be the best wedding photographer? In this article, we will talk about some tips that I know about wedding photography.

Check the Wedding Location

It is very important to check the wedding location first to know how to arrange cameras, props and other photography related materials on the site. Moreover, checking the site means finding the right spot and good lighting for the wedding pictorial.

Communicate with the Couple

Communication is one of the most important keys to a successful wedding pictorial. Before anything else, you must always showcase your photography portfolio and your ways and styles in photography. Ask them what they want and how they want the wedding pictures to look like.

Use Wedding Lightroom Presets

Wedding pictures would be dull and lifeless if not processed properly. As a wedding photographer, you should use high-quality wedding presets for Lightroom for your images. By doing this, you are not just helping yourself produce outstanding images, you are also giving yourself more time to do other important stuffs.

Enjoy the Momentum

Weddings are about celebrating the union of two people. It’s also about love and happiness.  As a photographer, your goal is not just to take pictures. You must also enjoy every moment with the crowd and the couple.  As much as you’re asking the couple and the crowd to show their big smiles, you should also give them a huge smile in return.

Presets for Your Black and White Photo Images

  • Stunning black and white photos using presets
  • Photo-enhancing tool that brings out the character of your photo subject
  • Downloadable presets online for your black and white photos

Black and white (B&W) photos are not that simple as you may think. They are as intricate and sophisticated as that of colored pictures. In fact, in some instances, black and white photos are more popular than the colored ones, especially when it is artsy. Then came the arrival of these presets, which elevated the use of black and white on your photos.


This B&W photography made easy with presets is the coolest thing to have come out of modern photography. If you are the kind of photographer who would want to create a caricature effect on your photo in black and white, then these presets are perfect for you. These presets, by the way, are free and downloadable online.

It is hard to underestimate the effect of a black and white photo to your viewers. For one, using this effect highlights certain features of your subject that are in many ways so hard to emphasize when you have a colored one. Second, this B&W photography made easy with presets enables you to intensify the character of your photo subject. Using a two-way color (black and white) is just the right mix when you want to bring out that aura which is potentially hard to do with colored pictures because the colors would get in the way.

So this B&W photography made easy with presets is the ultimate solution for your photos. Explore the potentials of your photos now by presenting them in black and white through these presets. And you will find it a fulfilling thing to be able to characterize that image in your photo.

Experiment with these presets through its easy-to-use tools, so you can come up with black and white images that are at par with the rest of those colored photos that generate a lot of “likes” online. This is photo enhancing at its best with this B&W photography made easy with presets.

Don’t post your black and white photos yet without having to go through this B&W photography made easy with presets that are, in the first place, free online.


What are Lightroom Adjustment brushes?

Adobe Lightroom comes with a whole lot of tools and options but people rarely use them. Lightroom presets are by far the best known tools that most people use. Today, we are going to look at Lightrooom Bushes, what they are and a brief look at their workflow. Brushes, also known as adjustment brushes, are tools in your Adobe Lightroom arsenal that let you add a few adjustments to your photographs. For example, you can use them to add sharpness to a part of an image, use them to change the temperature of a photographs, add clarity to a photographs, saturation, contrasts and many more. In simple, adjustment brushes help you adjust certain aspects of your helmet cam photographs.

Installing Brushes

The first step of installing Lightroom Adjustment brushes is to first of all download them from a reputable source, photographer, designer or website. Once you have them on your computer, you have to unzip them if they came in a compressed file such as a zip file. Once you have done that, you have to take note of the folder that you have zipped them in as we will be needing that later on.

Once you know the folder, open up Lightroom and click on Edit at the very top. This menu option will be next to file. After that, scroll down to Preferences and click on it. A new dialogue should open. Once on this dialogue screen, click on the second tab which is labeled presets. You will see a box written Show Lightroom Presets Folder. Click on it.

Next, double click on Lightroom. Then click on Local Adjustment Presets Folder. After doing this, copy the contents in the folder where you unzipped your Lightroom brushes. Paste them into the Local Adjustment Presets Folder. The last step would be to restart Lightroom for you to be able to use the brushes that you have just installed.

Here is a very handy video for the whole installation process

As you can see, understanding and installing Lightroom Bushes is a pretty straightforward process. Be sure to enjoy your brushes and share on the comments section how it went for you.