Reviews for Unmanned Drones

  • Unmanned drones can take beautiful footages
  • Before buying a product, it pays to take a look at reviews
  • Reviews act like guides for consumers

When looking at the devices and materials that technology has created, there is nothing more breathtaking and awe striking than watching a compilation of cords, plastic, and metal pieces come to life. Watching drones fly is probably one of the best things that happened to the world of photography and videography.

Now, we have metal birds that take the photos for us without the hassle of having to board a helicopter or any aircraft. In this day and age, having drones around is essentially like having an arm that extends to the skies. They’re generally easy to maneuver, and can fly to great heights.

But if you’re looking into purchasing a camera drone, consider making a research about unmanned drone 2016 reviews beforehand. These drones are like metal pieces with its own mind that can go places without manual control from a human.

Most of the unmanned drone 2016 reviews are also in depth and thorough when discussing about the devices and quality of photos and footages they can cover. Most quality drones already have reviews online to make it easier for consumers to take their good pick.

Reviews can generally be very good guide when choosing which drones to pick for purchase since drones have different strengths and come in different price tags. It is also important to check out for the most recent review for the latest camera drone models.

It is also important to choose the most reliable unmanned drone 2016 reviews to ensure that unbiased point of view. Taking a quick look at comments online could also help you make the final decision. Camera drones have their specific and varied strengths and weaknesses so make sure you know the camera drone you’re going to hand out your card for.

Why the Need to Read Photography Reviews

  • Inculcating the habit of reading (photography) reviews
  • Choosing the right type of equipment for your photography through reviews
  • Getting great ideas in photography from the experts through a review

You won’t find yourself at a loss when you’re about to start a career in photography. You can check out with your photographer friends as a start, asking them questions or soliciting tips from them for you to jumpstart your career. Or, better still, you can read a photography review blog starting today.


You will soon realize how valuable a photography review blog can be for your photography. In it, you’ll learn some tricks and techniques on how to edit and enhance your photos like a professional. You get to know the latest also when it comes to gadgets.

Now, there’s an unending supply of photography review blogs you can read online. And as soon as you read even a single photography review blog, you’ll find out that it is more easier to edit images than it used to be, because you have inculcated some techniques already after learning it from these reviews.

These are reviews from experts and well-meaning photography critics. They have this criteria on how to enhance your photos that would generate a lot of liking in the process. Their reviews might differ from your particular taste, but their advices and ideas somehow spells the difference between good and bad photography.

And you can’t have that kind of perspective without some help from a photography review blog. You’re not just reading it for the sake of it, you read it for the improvement of your photo images, and develop a photography style all your own.

So even if you’re just starting with your career as a photographer, but you have this habit of reading a photography review blog, then you will go far and wide in the photography world.

SJ4000 VS GoPro Detailed Review


  • The competition between budget action cameras and GoPro Hero series has been very intense.
  • Most big-time TV production firms are utilizing the most brilliant and expensive action camera in the market.
  • One of the best budget cameras in the market is called SJ Camera.

For the last couple of years, the competition between budget action cameras and GoPro Hero series has been very intense.


Most big-time TV production firms are utilizing the most brilliant, high-quality and expensive action camera in the market. But for many ordinary consumers who can’t afford buying it, they prefer having the best yet affordable budget action cameras. It’s way more cheaper than GoPro but it can provide the same features, services, image and video quality. Even if you use it under the sea or high above the mountains or on extreme sports, these low end and affordable budget cameras can capture the same like what GoPro can.

Basically, one of the best budget cameras in the market is called SJ Camera. The company has a lot of versions and models of cameras. Even some people who own a GoPro Hero Black are considering SJ CAM as their extra camera to use in places wherein there is extreme danger for the camera like cliff jumping, sky diving, snorkeling and more extreme sports (you can check out john camera site).

SJ Camera 4000 is definitely the perfect budget camera. It has sharp 1080p video, built in LCD screen with waterproof case and a box full of freebies like selfie stick, monopod, and adjustable accessories.

It’s not a surprise why the SJ4000 has earned a lot of good feedbacks and increasing sales in the market. It’s like owning a GoPro but bought in an affordable price.

Hopefully, this article had helped you understand the competition between GoPro and SJ cameras. If you’re in a tight budget, it is best to consider SJ4000 or other SJ brand. Also, if you really want more of SJ and GoPro reviews, you can search different SJ and GoPro reviews.

So if you ask me what is the best action camera? I will definitely give you a definite answer and that would be SJ CAMERA 4000.

Photoshop and the Idea of Softening Your Skin

There is a sea of free Photoshop actions online. Adobe is making photo enhancing accessible to everyone. Through Photoshop, anybody in their own right can call themselves a “professional photographer” already with the way these free Photoshop actions can do to a photo image.

LR1 (2)The best this thing about these Photoshop actions is that it presents your photos online, especially on your social media account, in a professional manner. People who view these images sometimes are surprised that it is just a work of an ordinary photo enthusiast.

As in the case “Soften Skin Effect”, one of the more popular Photoshop actions available online. This Photoshop action is perfect for those who want businesses who specialized on skin enhancement, not to trick their potential customer though, but to recreate the effect of their work through this Photoshop action.

Using its mask tool, you can make waves as far as highlighting the tone of such skin, making it clearer or clean looking like those facial models you’ve seen on magazines or on the web.

You will certainly look good with this free Photoshop action. Imagine posting your portrait online without those facial lines or deformities, without those wrinkles, or even those pimples you’ve always wanted to get rid of. That is the effect of this “action” on your skin.

So stop making excuses about your facial or skin concerns when seeing your photos online, there is a Photoshop action for that, and you can download it anytime.

How To Be A Successful Freelance Photographer?

Pbn3There is a misconception saying that freelance photographers have the best job in the world as they all have the freedom and satisfaction. But being a freelance photographer is not easy as what most people think. They work for longer hours and earn a little with no benefits. Freelancers need to be dedicated and strive hard for them to make a living.

In this article, we will talk about how to become a successful freelance, photographer. I was once a freelance photographer, and I can say that life starts at zero. I find myself asking clients to hire me as their photographer so I can pay my monthly bills. The tips we will be discussing below comes from my personal experience, I strived hard and followed these tips to become a regular and professional photographer.

Create your own website and write a blog

For you to gain more clients, you have to create a good website. Most clients prefer hiring a photographer with a stable and working website with content such as gallery, blogs, services and more. Moreover, make sure to upload your finest and brilliant works.

Respond to client’s queries immediately

Customers often have a very short amount of patience. Make sure to give them the attention that they want by responding to their queries or calling them on the phone.

Offer only what you are capable of

There will be a time where a lot of clients will hire you, however, don’t be too overwhelmed by the sudden rise of customers. Ask the schedules that they want, and check whether you’re still available on that day. Offer only what you are capable of doing. Don’t promise anything to your clients.

Use speedy post processing program

With this kind of profession, being fast and speedy is important. You need to have the most efficient and fast post-processing tool such as Adobe Lightroom  as this program is so natural that it can process hundreds of images at once. And if you want a reliable preset source, get more free presets in Lightroom by sleeklens.

It’s very easy to follow these tips, however, you need to make your own style on how to earn the respect and trust of the client.

4 Lightroom Tips To Consider  

camera2We all know that Adobe Lightroom was created and developed to assist young and professional photographers in their workload. The program is known to help them save time and effort in modifying hundreds and even thousands of images. Adobe Lightroom is one of the most useful tools ever created in the history of post processing.

In this article, we will discuss the 4 Lightroom tips that you need to consider before using the program. Here are the things that you need to understand about the program:

Use of Lightroom Presets

Unlike the actions in Photoshop, Lightroom presets are more effective and useful. It is considered to be the main feature of the whole Lightroom process. These presets are similar to filtered images with customized effects and color settings. It can be applied to one or more images, depending on the emotion of the subject in the picture. Moreover, Lightroom presets are reusable and modifiable.

Automatic Preview Mode

One of the most interesting parts in Lightroom is that you can easily view the changes made in the image with the use of its automatic preview mode or side by side preview. It makes it easier to compare both the edited and original images.

Slideshow Generator

Lightroom also has the ability to create lengthy and customized image slideshow. You can play with your own styles and designs on how to present the images. This feature in Lightroom is very useful especially if you want to pay a tribute to your loved one or to a client.

Print Settings

Lastly, the print setting in Lightroom. It is by far the most dynamic feature in the program that protects each and every pixel in the image. Unlike other post processing softwares, Lightroom preserves the quality of the image even after the printing process.

These are just some of the best and effective features of Adobe  Lightroom. However, It is suggested to seek more tutorial Lightroom to better understand the services offered by the program.


Characteristics of Lightroom Presets

young-woman-880921_1280Many photo addicts go for Lightroom presets because it has so many characteristics. And that means a lot. It is so convenient that photo studios are in danger of losing their businesses because a lot of users can now enhance their photos even on their phones.

Presets such as Lightroom Preset Kostenlos or ipawlok Color Isolates Presets are popular presets available online.

The list below are some of the characteristics of using Lightroom presets. And you might notice that a lot of these characteristics have one thing in common, and that is, making professional photography accessible to everyone.

Quite Fast

Photo-editing with Lightroom is as fast as the speed of light. That may be a hyperbole. But retouching your photo, for example, can be done the moment you realize there was mistake.

Easy Going

Lightroom is easy to use. As soon as you can find its module, all the presets for your images are already installed in there. No problem though, the tools within it are user-friendly.

Quite a Looker

You can present photos in a consistent way. This happens when you try to produce a group of images to present, thereby achieving a more sustained look in the process.

Mysterious in Some Ways

Editing a photo is complex work. Others spent years trying to come up with the perfect image, but with Lightroom presets, that oftentimes complex work has its own counterpart that anybody can handle.

Got It

Because it has so many features and tools even for a single picture, it has the ability to produce photos that would bring out best of a particular image. Subordinating the background and emphasizing the person in front is always great when trying to issue a statement through photographs.

Sharing Attitude

Of course, this is by far the best thing about Lightroom presets. Enhancing the picture is one thing, sharing its superior quality is another. And you can only do that with Lightroom presets, which are always available online.



Adobe Lightroom 6 Review

It was a dark and stormy nightA few months ago, Adobe has released their newest version of their Lightroom photo editing software: Lightroom 6 and CC. These two newly released programs have the same features and services, but Lightroom CC contains Adobe’s Photography subscription plan under the Creative Cloud Service. On the other hand, Lightroom 6 can be purchased on individual license versions which users need to pay for it.

One of the best advantages of Lightroom CC is that you can enjoy the many benefits offered by the creative cloud system of Adobe which includes the online storage, mobile synchronization to the desktop version and more.

While Lightroom 6 is intended for people who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription, there are some disadvantages about it such as unable to get a free Lightroom 7 update on creative cloud service. You need to buy a new package for it which will cost, higher than what you paid for.

You can check more presets for Lightroom 6 by Sleeklens at if you want to have good quality collections of presets.

What Does Adobe Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 Do?

Lightroom by Adobe System is a professional photo editing program which was initially designed to help professional photographers with their editing tasks. Though there are some features that only Adobe Photoshop can do, Lightroom contains features such as Lightroom presets that are similar to filtered images which can be applied to one or more images at once. These presets are reusable and changeable, so if you want a different mood, you just have to edit, save and use it to your images.

Again, you will still be needing the services of Photoshop like masks layers, 3D editing and other important editing features. In Lightroom, you get to enjoy good adjusting navigator or contrast, brightness, colors, exposure and more. In addition, Lightroom 6 is now offering a limitless function of spot and healing tool.

Basically, if an image requires a manual editing process, you can use Photoshop for it. But if you simply want to make random changes on the image, then Adobe Lightroom is capable of giving you the best editing experience.


Lightroom 6 and CC are both brilliant versions of Lightroom as it provides a very large scale photo editing management. Additionally, its non-destructive features will help you preserve the original file setting of the image.

Helpful Tips for Lightroom 5

LR 15Ever wonder why amateur and professional photographers have an excellent sepia or black and white photos? Did you ask yourself why you can’t create one? In this article, we will give you the top three tips on making good images using Adobe Lightroom 5.

With the help of today’s modern technology, digital cameras are flexible. It has a lot of features and styles to offer. Most of it has default black and white and sepia settings. According to experts, using those features from the camera is very helpful. However, it still needs a program like Lightroom to make it even more stunning and beautiful.

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best editing programs in the market today. Photographers use it more often because the program can help them save more time and effort in their editing workload. Moreover, Lightroom is a non-destructive program which preserves the original setting of the images so users do not need to worry about anything during the editing process.

Here are the three tips in using Lightroom:

Using Black and White Mix in Lightroom

In Adobe Lightroom’s develop module option, there are a lot of ways to modify and convert black and white images. One of the better options in the program is using the black and white mix which is located in the 3rd options in the develop panel.

Adding More Light

Sometimes, editing black and white images can be tricky since lighting and saturation needs to be balanced. Using the mix sliders is not enough, users should add more light depending on their style to make the image look bright and cool.

Create More Toned Presets

In lightroom, users have the chance to create their own presets. They can do anything with the images as long as they want. In lightroom 5, they can use the newly improved adjustment brush, spot and healing tool to remove blemishes and unwanted spots.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens on Mac and PC:

Hopefully, these simple Lightroom 5 tutorials can help you in creating more wonderful images.

Three Best Black and White Photography Tips

ph5Most toneless photographs are ageless, particularly those black and white images. It enhances the emotions of both the artist/photographers and the viewers.

Monochrome images can be used in different scenarios and subjects as long as the theme does not require strong emotions and colors. Most people think that black and white photography is boring and lifeless, but if you look at it a little deeper, it shows more true emotions than colored images.

In this article, we will basically talk more about the three lightroom black and white presets photography tips:

Here are the three tips you might need to know about taking Black & White Photography.

Utilizing RAW files

RAW files contain data that were minimally processed from the camera. Basically, these RAW files from the camera cannot be printed or edited with most bitmap photo editor. So, if you have the chance to use RAW files, do it while you can since it gives you more opportunity to control the image settings to make it beautiful.

You can also use one of the products of Adobe called the “Adobe Lightroom” since it is the best tool for RAW files because it has the ability to smoothly convert it.

Use Specific Subjects

As what I’ve said earlier, black and white photography can work well with all subjects and occasions, however, in some instances, photographers should carefully use specific subjects as it expands the real emotions of the image.

One main subject is the most common choice for black and white photography, mostly for portrait images. With one subject, photographers have the chance to control and emphasize the expressions of the person.

Using of Well-balanced Contrast

Using the right tone of contrast will help black and white images look better. A well-balanced contrast will make a big difference on images since it emphasizes shadows, lighting and more. That is the reason why using contrast in black and white photography is a must since it helps in beautifying the image as well as allowing viewers to wonder about the meaning behind the image.

Lightroom black and white presets are effective presets. If you’re not into creating personalized presets, you can always see more high quality collections on Pinterest or Behance. Either of the two contains several effective Lightroom presets.


Easy Steps in Using Lightroom

pre9Do you want to speed up your processing workflow? If yes, I recommend that you use adobe lightroom since it can help you save time and effort in editing images. For most lightroom users, creating presets in the develop module can be the great way to speed up the process in lightroom. Presets are there to assist photographers since it can be applied to one or more images at once. When it comes to presets, you can either create your own presets or download it online. There are a lot of presets scattered online, you just have to choose the best.

One of the best things about adobe lightroom presets is that you can effortlessly modify image settings to a certain image available. In addition, lightroom presets are reusable, modifiable and non-destructive. You can edit image without destroying the original settings of the image; so you don’t have to worry about it.

Basically, adobe lightroom was not created to remove or replace photoshop since most editing features are similar with photoshop. Lightroom has more exciting features than photoshop. A lot of lightroom tutorials were written and uploaded online but in this article, we will show you some of the easiest ways to use lightroom. Knowing these things will let you realize that lightroom is the best photo editing tool ever created.

Making Adobe Lightroom Presets

Creating presets lightroom is as simple as applying filtered image on instagram. It only takes a few seconds to create your personalized preset. To create presets, you have to go to the develop module by simply pressing D as a shortcut. Next step is to use and explore the settings in the control panel and apply appropriate adjustments on the image. Always remember that you can always modify the brightness, sharpness, exposure and etc. of the image manually.


Four Things You Need To Know About Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom was formed from the greatest intention to help photographers simplify their workflow. The editing tool has the ability to organize and modify images in an effective way. Most professional photographers with special editing needs, they prefer using lightroom since it can help them save time and effort.  Watch the video below for more information about lightroom:

This article will talk about four reasons you need to know about lightroom. Here it goes; lightroom has these four amazing benefits.

LR 4Use of Presets

If you enjoyed using actions in adobe photoshop, you will definitely enjoy more the lightroom presets. For beginners, presets are similar to filters, a variety of compound adjustments that can be applied to tons of images in just a few clicks. Presets can be a form of sepia, black&white, vintage, negative, cartoon and more. Along with the default presets, you can also create your own preset.

Effortlessly Compare Raw and Edited Images

Adobe lightroom makes it very easy to compare images since it can view both raw and edited images side by side. Moreover, this feature has the ability to make several adjustments on the image. It also aids in speeding up the editing process.

View Images via Slideshow

If you want to view your work of art, you can use lightroom to view images via slideshow. With adobe lightroom, you can create a design for the slideshow. You can include texts, musics, watermarks and other amazing design.

Better printing

There are some photo editing tools that destroy the image after printing. With adobe lightroom, you can enjoy the outcome of the images without worrying about destruction. In addition, you can add borders, text and features to images prior to printing.

These are just some of the best features of lightroom. It is recommended to try and enjoy the wonderful presets of lightroom.