Four Things You Need To Know About Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom was formed from the greatest intention to help photographers simplify their workflow. The editing tool has the ability to organize and modify images in an effective way. Most professional photographers with special editing needs, they prefer using lightroom since it can help them save time and effort.  Watch the video below for more information about lightroom:

This article will talk about four reasons you need to know about lightroom. Here it goes; lightroom has these four amazing benefits.

LR 4Use of Presets

If you enjoyed using actions in adobe photoshop, you will definitely enjoy more the lightroom presets. For beginners, presets are similar to filters, a variety of compound adjustments that can be applied to tons of images in just a few clicks. Presets can be a form of sepia, black&white, vintage, negative, cartoon and more. Along with the default presets, you can also create your own preset.

Effortlessly Compare Raw and Edited Images

Adobe lightroom makes it very easy to compare images since it can view both raw and edited images side by side. Moreover, this feature has the ability to make several adjustments on the image. It also aids in speeding up the editing process.

View Images via Slideshow

If you want to view your work of art, you can use lightroom to view images via slideshow. With adobe lightroom, you can create a design for the slideshow. You can include texts, musics, watermarks and other amazing design.

Better printing

There are some photo editing tools that destroy the image after printing. With adobe lightroom, you can enjoy the outcome of the images without worrying about destruction. In addition, you can add borders, text and features to images prior to printing.

These are just some of the best features of lightroom. It is recommended to try and enjoy the wonderful presets of lightroom.