Three Best Black and White Photography Tips

ph5Most toneless photographs are ageless, particularly those black and white images. It enhances the emotions of both the artist/photographers and the viewers.

Monochrome images can be used in different scenarios and subjects as long as the theme does not require strong emotions and colors. Most people think that black and white photography is boring and lifeless, but if you look at it a little deeper, it shows more true emotions than colored images.

In this article, we will basically talk more about the three lightroom black and white presets photography tips:

Here are the three tips you might need to know about taking Black & White Photography.

Utilizing RAW files

RAW files contain data that were minimally processed from the camera. Basically, these RAW files from the camera cannot be printed or edited with most bitmap photo editor. So, if you have the chance to use RAW files, do it while you can since it gives you more opportunity to control the image settings to make it beautiful.

You can also use one of the products of Adobe called the “Adobe Lightroom” since it is the best tool for RAW files because it has the ability to smoothly convert it.

Use Specific Subjects

As what I’ve said earlier, black and white photography can work well with all subjects and occasions, however, in some instances, photographers should carefully use specific subjects as it expands the real emotions of the image.

One main subject is the most common choice for black and white photography, mostly for portrait images. With one subject, photographers have the chance to control and emphasize the expressions of the person.

Using of Well-balanced Contrast

Using the right tone of contrast will help black and white images look better. A well-balanced contrast will make a big difference on images since it emphasizes shadows, lighting and more. That is the reason why using contrast in black and white photography is a must since it helps in beautifying the image as well as allowing viewers to wonder about the meaning behind the image.

Lightroom black and white presets are effective presets. If you’re not into creating personalized presets, you can always see more high quality collections on Pinterest or Behance. Either of the two contains several effective Lightroom presets.